Inspiration lights the spark of creativity. Marie follows these inspirations, Together with inspiration and her creativity results in her personal vision of our world and her journey through it.

Vision has been described as the art of seeing the invisible. The ability to see something that only you can see, something that others do not see because this something does not have a physical reality.  It is something you see in your mind’s eye, something that exists in your imagination, something that is within yourself.

Marie’s work is a true representation of her life. Every word written, photograph taken, Painting and Drawing or Sculpture made is an honest expression of what she sees and who she is. She also lets her subconscious flow into the work effortlessly. 

One thing that stands out about Marie’s practice is the freshness of each image, her approach to work is fearless. When an idea presents its self she will pursue it. She has never found that comfort zone and thankfully so. Marie challenges herself and takes risks within her practice, I found she has always been true to herself.

Her work is based on the rawness of nature and emotion, big events, clips or passing intense moments and observations. But one can sometimes find in these powerful images a silly twist or take on the situation (icon Betty Boo in a corner with the centred intense stare of a wolf). Not only is the stare captured but what it suggests. This allows the viewer into the work to experience the stare but take a step back if they wish and actually take on the full image to what it was intended on expressing.

This is what is most poignant to the work, we all have the ability to change be it our mood or situation somehow. Does life come down to how you look at it, vision it? The work always leaves me asking questions which I like. Is action always a reaction? 

Written by artist Siabhra O Brien


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