FIXXI International Live Art Biennial

The 9th edition of FIX international performance art festival will be held 10th-15th November 2011 in Catalyst Arts and around the city centre of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Over 5 days, 22 performances will explore how improvisation operates at the heart of actions and is open to all forms of performance art including sound art, participatory, interventionist and networked. The program offers a selection of artists from Serbia, USA, Iraq, Germany alongside local artists.

As part of FIX 2011 the MA Art in Public (students, staff and associates) will run a public intervention on November 12th in Belfast city centre. The project is called DemocraTEA.
DemocraTEA is a public interactive tea exchange which will negotiate materials for an improvised and performative campaign – championing people’s concerns of today.

DemocraTEA will be moving through the city with its mobile tea unit and creating in-situ a series of placards expressing the current concerns and issues of citizens of Belfast. The event will end with the artists marching the peoples demands through the city, ending at the webcam at City Hall.

DemocraTEA is an art project practicing the ground rules of democracy: hospitality, diversity and public debate as the process of voicing opinions.

The artists of DemocraTEA are: Susanne Bosch (GER/NI), Astrid Bin (UK/CA), Alice Burns (NI), Seamus Dunbar (ROI), Marie Flaherty (ROI), Suzan Inan (CH), Rob Ireson (ROI/UK), Clara Kane (ROI), Martin Krenn (Austria/NI), Sarah MacKeever (NI), Ciara O’Malley (NI), Dan Shipsides (NI)


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