Mandala Public Art Project

Since its inception in June 2012 the Mandala Public Art Projects have taken place in various locations throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and is ongoing. Created during my MA in Art in Public at the University of Ulster, the mandala projects have been the product of a collaborated effort in the creation of transitory land artworks. The process is a shared experience with nature, with self and with others. I have designed a template derived from the Buddhist and Hindu sacred art form, the mandala. Mandala is a Sanskrit work meaning ‘circle’. The circular form itself is a universal symbol, symbolising togetherness, unity, wholeness and infinity. This work has been an attempt to create something of togetherness and unity.

When I create a mandala artwork with people we always build two circles, an inner and outer circle. The outer circle symbolises our exterior world (earth, community, family, society, etc) and the inner circle symbolises our inner world (spirit, heart, mind, etc.)  The process is rhythmical and spontaneous. Even though I use the same formula for each project every mandala is different. Each one is a unique ephemeral artwork. The photographs I take are all that remains permanently.

“Everything changes. Nothing ever remains the same” (Buddha). This idea of impermanence is an important element to the work. Life is a circle of birth and death. This is very apparent in nature, which is why I choose to work outdoors. I do not wish to make my mark on the landscape when making a mandala but rather I like to think of it as, the landscape makes its mark on me. The artworks created in the public space as well as the work I will create in the gallery space, are both impermanent and in a constant state of change. Even when completed, nature and wo/man continue to change them.

I currently have a fundit page up and running on to raise money for this project so please view if you would like to support it.

"A special thanks to the following people for supporting this project on :fund:it"

  • Judy Nurse
  • Praveen Kaur
  • Sinead Francis
  • Shane Finan
  • Radi Krishnan
  • Clayton Miller
  • Sarah Sweeney
  • Pedro Mayer
  • Sandra Flaherty
  • Aaron Robinson
  • Nora Greally
  • Sinead Tillman


"I think circles have belonged in some way or other to all people at all times. They are universal and timeless, like the image of a human hand" - Richard Long

“To be human is to belong. Belonging is a circle that embraces everything” - John O’Donohue


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